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The past two days have been very frustrating. Decided to just go the packaging as pot plant route, even though its not favoured. Bought some plastic pot plants. Made plaster casts of the inside to give me something to vacuumform over. First attempt cracked when removing from mould. Second attempt delayed due to lack of […]

Small world…


As a last final gasp for inspiration I’ve just googled “packaging second use”. Ninth on the list was this blog… Some interesting ideas there…



On Sunday I had what I mistook for a flash of inspiration:  Make the form of the object portray the second use, not the first. It seems daft to stick with the form traditionally associated with the packaging (punnet style, shoebox, beerbox etc) and then go through an elaborate system of folds and tabs to […]

Non-PLA… Ties usually come in a cardboard sleeve. This could double as a tie rack of sorts. Perforated slots with tabs that can fold in to make a little ladder style tie-rack. From what I recall they’re always a pain to travel with. This could make that easier. (It must be noted that this device will […]

PLA is difficult to cut and fold. It tends to crack when you cut it, (quite brittle) and doesn’t fold well. Its well suited to vacuum forming and injection moulding, but not folding.  This is going to cause me problems with my idea of assembling a fruit bowl from clip out pieces that slot together or […]

Met with the CEO of an organic fruit export company today (Wednesday 7th) to discuss opportunities for PLA, packaging produce at source, and ways to differentiate product through packaging. As mentioned in a previous entry, NZ has a real need to differentiate its product to allow it to play in the premium product space overseas. Its […]