Further frustration


The past two days have been very frustrating.

Decided to just go the packaging as pot plant route, even though its not favoured.

Bought some plastic pot plants. Made plaster casts of the inside to give me something to vacuumform over. First attempt cracked when removing from mould. Second attempt delayed due to lack of school plaster supplies.

Buy plaster. Try again. Second attempt, after leaving for a whole day to harden, works.

Started vacuumforming with the thickest grade of PLA on the large vacuumformer. Cut many pieces to size. Doesn’t cut well. Need to score then bend.

Almost all vacuum forms disasters. Trying with circle cutouts around the positive to help squash the material down. Had Harry helping me, still couldn’t get it right after around ten attempts.

Decided perhaps the potplant positive was too tall, so went and bought smaller ceramic (no need to cast plaster again!) pots as positives. Same problems. Repeat times five. Eventually switched to thinner material and the medium size vacuumformer. First couple didn’t work but then eventually got these right. Medium size vaccuum former just works better. So finally have some very basic looking pots and lids. What a performance to recreate something so goddamn simple.

Thanks to Olly and Jane for helping with the vaccuum forming experiments and cutting the PLA. Think they were both getting very nervous for their own projects watching mine failing…

So yeah. I’ve got some pots with lids, and the lids are also (woohoo go second life go) the saucers/water collectors at the bottom.

Feeling very dissapointed with my whole project and my lack of 3d innovation at this point in time. Bit of a shitty way to end the year. Ah well. Think my sticking to PLA probably hamstrung me in the end.

But at least there are a few other people in the class that know what it is now.


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