Initial ideas


My thinking started off with “food” being my second life for the PLA packaging post initial use. Use the PLA, then turn it into compost to grow food. But food doesn’t seem to be the aim of this project. Odd really.

So – other potential second lives/parts of PLA packaging:

  • Clip out knives and forks for fastfood containers. Item is part of lid structure, with perforated edge. Snap out of lid to use, and can then compost rest of container
  • PLA container to collect groceries in at supermarket and take home, similar to existing carry baskets. Turns into “organics” part of modular recycling system at home, dispose of whole unit (to be composted) when throw out the trash. This system would keep organic waste together and be user friendly. No mess, no worms, no drippy stuff. (That’s three good uses: carries food, stores food waste, and then turns into food!)
  • Pieces of the container body/lid that snap out and that form a greater whole. My thinking here is to make a single “snap out piece” per container lid, so that after the consumer has collected a number of lids they are able to construct something from those pieces.
  •  I like the idea of multiples, because this should make the consumer aware of the very act of consumption and subsequent disposal of the container and the implications of this action. So, for example, what about a puzzle piece or two in each lid, that when collected, form a puzzle that shows a map of the world. That links the act of consumption to the end result, the planet.
  •  Or perhaps the pieces fit together to make a childs toy. That is, by using a compostable plastic you are ensuring the future of the child that is playing with the toy.
  • Or perhaps a light. “Have you seen the light yet?” Its in bioplastics.
  • Or perhaps the puzzle pieces spell out a message when they fit together (like “hey lard-arse, how many happy meals did you have to eat to collect all these pieces…”). I’m not sure. This all needs some more thought. But I do know that I’d like the second life to be something that informs the consumer of the consequences of the choices they have made by using a compostable plastic.
  • If bio-plastics are going to work then I feel a responsiblity to promote their adoption by designing them for easy use and informing others of the possibilities they offer. That is largely what this project is about for me. (If you find the thought amusing, you can consider me the bioplastics messiah…)

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