Visual research in studio


Sometime this weekend I’ll pin up a bunch of visual research and intro blurbs from a variety of packaging design books in my studio space.

Yes, books. “Hey wots tht u ask?” Don’t deify Google I say!!!

These are meant as inspiration and provocation for anyone wandering the studio courting the “aha” moment.

I really think it helps to have perspective generators (other than your own thoughts in a wildy scrawled mindmap) up in the studio. Hopefully this action will be reciprocated by the rest of the neophyte packaging designers!


One Response to “Visual research in studio”

  1. 1 nickncd

    Appart from the visual stimulus, I actually like the feel, weight and sensation of leafing through a well produced book. Something tangible about all those words and coloured dots of ink…definately agree with the importance of having lots of peripheral stuff around the studio. It will only work at its best if its a stimulating place to be. However nice your bedroom, a communal space should act as a creative prompt in a way that an isolation cubicle never will!

    What about the idea of both a physical and visual transformation? The act of converting a ‘carton’ from one physical state, also reveals, assembles visual information as well as perhaps achieving another purpose? Purpose can be defined as achieving a new level of insight, delight, fun or playfulness, with ‘function’ being relatively modest.

    I’ve commented to someone else that a relatievly ‘trivial’ second stage of use would be quite acceptable here…trying to resolve a substantial packaging/sustainability issue may well be beyond the scope of the project and may not demonstrate achievement in the basics. Its also about a growing mind set; sow the seeds in your practice now (design for reduce, reuse, recycle) and as you work on more substantial projects those thinks will naturally become part of your thinking.
    Keep blogging!

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