Field research


Did some visual research last week of various forms of packaging at St Lukes Mall to inspire thought and generate possibilities. I’ve put comments under the images in flickr.

Quite odd, wherever I asked permission to photograph items, I was refused (even of a stack of shoeboxes), “Ah, na mate, I’ll need to get permission from our head office in Brisbane for that…” To photograph shoeboxes? Ah the joys of modern employment! Such free will. Such control over one’s environment!

Or even better, the refusal to photograph cosmetics that I could just as easily view and purchase online…

Sometimes I really despair.

Moral of the story, don’t ask – just do it and then talk your way out of it.

Packaging images on flickr


One Response to “Field research”

  1. 1 nickncd

    What do they say… its easier ask for forgiveness than it is permission.

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