From what I can see, everyone is looking at the “transformation” angle. When you’re done with the package, with a few simple nips and tucks, it becomes, wait for it – a grand piano. Wow! Isn’t that amazing!

 I thought the comments (below in red text) on this little invention – sponge packaging that turns into a bird feeder, (see were apt.

Is this supposed to be a joke?

This is just a phoney marketing gimmick. If the thing won’t actually work as a bird feeder, than it’s BS . Besides how many sponges do you go through in a year? In 2 or 3 years you could have ,say 12 to 20 birdfeeders. And what happens to them after they get soggy in the rain? Still another thing to throw a way. This notion that things made from trees are environmentally clean is misleading. It depends where the wood is harvested. When a forest is cut for wood, what is regrown is not a forest, it’s a tree farm, and it is no longer habitat for many species of both plants and animals. If you’re really interested in being green, you have to dig deeper.


One Response to “Depth”

  1. 1 nickncd

    Yup, I suspect its true! The real answer is to do away with unecessary packaging…

    however, lets start with the basic priciple and go from there. I agree that if it doesn’t ‘work’ when transformed, then its no good, and poor design. So fit for purpose (even a trivial purpose) will be something I’m looking for.

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