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Other ideas


Some other packaging ideas: Self-stacking CD cases. Cases either fit together, lego style, with sliding trays, or slot into each other to form their own shelf Food/other packaging shells that fit into each other lego style, that when filled with cement, concrete. adobe etc. can form rudimentary bricks. Perfect for third world countries where building supplies […]

Initial ideas


My thinking started off with “food” being my second life for the PLA packaging post initial use. Use the PLA, then turn it into compost to grow food. But food doesn’t seem to be the aim of this project. Odd really. So – other potential second lives/parts of PLA packaging: Clip out knives and forks […]

When I first started investigating PLA as a material, someone made the comment that it was “premature” as a material as it didn’t compost easily, and there was no industrial composting facility in New Zealand to deal with it. That really annnoyed me. That sort of thinking – that the world of possibility is limited to […]

Sometime this weekend I’ll pin up a bunch of visual research and intro blurbs from a variety of packaging design books in my studio space. Yes, books. “Hey wots tht u ask?” Don’t deify Google I say!!! These are meant as inspiration and provocation for anyone wandering the studio courting the “aha” moment. I really think it helps to have perspective […]

Field research


Did some visual research last week of various forms of packaging at St Lukes Mall to inspire thought and generate possibilities. I’ve put comments under the images in flickr. Quite odd, wherever I asked permission to photograph items, I was refused (even of a stack of shoeboxes), “Ah, na mate, I’ll need to get […]

This TV packaging that turns into a TV stand is pretty clever. It works, is built to last in its second function, and is attractive too.   See